Where is Lisa? Island Crime: Season 1

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Introducing Island Crime: Season 1: Where is Lisa?

On a long weekend in the summer of 2002, Lisa Marie Young went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. There were big changes ahead; a move to a new apartment, a fresh start on a career with big dreams of becoming a sportscaster. But that night, Lisa got into a red jaguar with a young man from a prominent family and was never seen again. People who live in Lisa's hometown believe they know who is responsible for her disappearance. Producer Laura Palmer explores the tragic real life tale behind an urban legend haunting a small island community.

Episode 1: Who is Lisa Marie Young?

Lisa fits the true crime victim cliche. The petite stunning brunette is just 21 when she disappears. In Episode 1 the focus is squarely on the victim as we meet her friends and family and discover who Lisa was in life, and why losing Lisa continues to haunt those who love her the most.

Episode 2: Lisa is Missing

The evening Lisa vanished began in the most ordinary way. Lisa and her dad watched TV and enjoyed a beer together. They were close. When she says goodbye and heads out into the night to meet friends, Lisa’s father Don Young has no idea he will never see Lisa again. Don recounts what happened that night and describes the immediate aftermath of losing Lisa.

Episode 3: Searching for Lisa

CHEK TV Reporter Kendall Hanson is a rookie when he is first assigned the story of the search for Lisa Marie Young. Kendall will forge a lifelong friendship with Lisa’s mother Joanne. In Episode 3, Kendall details his fascination with Lisa’s story, and why eighteen years on Lisa’s case still keeps him awake at night. 

Episode 4: Bones in the woods

In their desperation, with no new leads, Lisa’s family turn to a psychic for help. Norm Pratt describes himself as a spiritual intuitive. He has successfully worked with police to find missing people. Norm heads into the forest with Lisa’s loved ones to search for Lisa.


Episode 5: A Tipster and an Outside Investigator

David was a self described gangster and bad guy. Now he’s a born again Christian who claims to have inside information on what happened to Lisa. Lorimer Shenher is a former police detective who wrote a book about a serial killer he helped catch. Two men worlds apart, share their unique perspectives on Lisa’s case.

Episode 6: Justice for Lisa?

This episode comes full circle with an introduction to those who sparked the inspiration for this podcast: Musician Alison Crowe was friends with Lisa and wrote a beautiful haunting song in her memory, Alison’s manager and former white collar crime investigator Adrian du Plessis, and the tenacious high school friend and advocate Cyndy Hall.

Episode 7: A Witness & One That Got Away

After the first episodes drop, interest in Lisa Marie Young's case explodes. In Episode 7, you'll hear perspectives from two women who came forward after listening to 'Where is Lisa?' They have important information to share about the night Lisa vanished, and about one of the individuals who is a person of interest in Lisa Marie Young's case. 

Episode 8: The RCMP break their silence

For 9 months, the Mounties refused requests to be interviewed for this podcast. Now, the lead investigator on Lisa Marie Young's case, Cpl Markus Muntener and spokesperson Const. Gary O'Brien sit down for an in-depth interview about the investigation. 

Update: 2020 Summer of Hope

Lisa's hometown was once dubbed 'the city without pity', an allusion to dark themes of drugs, gangs, and a conspiracy of silence thwarting the investigation into Lisa's case. In the summer of 2020, Lisa's community finally steps up for her, embracing her story in ways both symbolic and significant. And cracks begin to form, opening up a no longer cold case.

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