Where is Lisa? Island Crime: Season 1

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July 10, 2020




Laura Palmer is a veteran journalist who was a producer at Canada's public broadcaster for more than a quarter of a century. 'Where is Lisa?' is the first season of a new independent podcast true crime series 'Island Crime'.

Contact Laura through email at Laura@laurapalmer.ca


Island Crime Music:

Island Crime's theme music is the title track 'What Lurks Below' by Sweden's Jon Bjork. Theme, stings and background music are all subscribed from Epidemic Sound 



Alan Smallpage is an audio engineer from Venezuela. Alan provided the final mix and cleaned up difficult phone recordings. 



Thank you to Lisa's family and friends who agreed to be interviewed for the podcast.

Special thanks to Lisa's school mate Cyndy Hall and Lisa's auntie Carol Frank who generously helped connect with sources for interviews. They continue to advocate for justice for Lisa through her facebook group. 

Not all interviews were included in this podcast. But everyone who provided background or perspectives helped shape the story. 

CHEK News allowed the use of audio from past broadcasts and gave permission for an interview with reporter Kendall Hanson. 

The journalism in archived reports from now defunct newspapers also helped inform the narrative. Thank you to all the reporters who have worked on Lisa's story over to the years. Past journalism on the story can be found here Newspaper.com

Lorimer Shenher agreed to share his expertise as an investigator. His book on serial killer Robert Pickton is called The Lonely Section of Hell

The podcast series ends with Alison Crowe's heart breaking song for Lisa. Thank you to Alison and her manager Adrian du Plessis for speaking and permitting the use of Lisa's song.